Corporate Courses

Equipped your employees with better language skill to communicate with Chinese clients

We offer corporate classes:

  • Teaching terms and vocabularies which are used in your working environment
  • With flexible schedule
  • Held in your company or our institute
  • Introducing Chinese culture and China’s economy
Class Type for long-term training for Government Department
Duration Courses
200 hours
  • Comprehensive Chines
  • Chinese Characters Recognition
200 hours
  • Comprehensive Chinese
  • Elementary Speaking
  • Elementary Listening
200 hours
  • Intensive reading
  • Newspaper reading
  • Chinese-Malay translation
Course Syllabus for Law Firms
Courses Title Chinese Language for Legal Communication
Medium of Instruction Chinese and English
Main Reference

Reference Press

Zhang Hong (2009). Chinese for Managers. Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press.

Huang Weizhi. (2007). Business Chinese Conversation (Advanced). Beijing; Beijing Language and Culture University Press

Liu Xun (2013), Business Communication in China. Beijing: Higher Education Press

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TV programs and series

Forensic Heroes

Legal today

Learning Strategies
  1. Interactive lecture
  2. oral exercise
  3. writing exercise
  4. role play
Detail of Assessment Weightage 
  1. Continuous Assessment 100%
  2. Group work 70%
  3. Individual Presentation 30%
  • Business Dispute
  • Organization Structure of a Corporation
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Conference and Visit
  • Price Inquiry and Negotiation
  • Signing a Contract
  • Special Economic Zone and Development Zone
  • Litigation and Arbitration
  • Sustainable Development
  • Securities market
  • Personal Income tax for foreigners
  • Business Operation and Management
  • Property and Financial management
  • Crime and Punishment
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