China-ASEAN Friendship Knowledge Contest

China and ASEAN are good neighbors, good friends and good partners. With their concerted efforts over the past 20 years since they established the dialogue relations in 1991, rich fruits have been gained in various fields including enhanced political mutual trust, deepened economic and trade cooperation and closer partnership in other fields. The China-ASEAN relations now not only highlight China’s relationship with the neighboring countries, but also are the most vigorous and fruitful bilateral relations between ASEAN and its dialogue partners. China and ASEAN will take the 20th anniversary of bilateral dialogue relations as a new starting point and work jointly to lift the bilateral strategic partnership to a new high.

The China-ASEAN Friendship Knowledge Contest, one of the theme programs to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ASEAN-China dialogue relations, the Year of China-ASEAN Friendship and Exchange and the 8th China-ASEAN Expo, is committed to strengthening understanding and friendship between people of both sides, in particular, among the youth, and also promoting friendly exchange.