Summer/Winter Camp

Chinese Bridge Summer Camp for Secondary School Students Program Introduction

Chinese Bridge Summer Camp for Secondary School Students is an annual Chinese language and culture experiencing activity sponsored by Hanban with the cooperation of the Confucius Institutes over the world. The program aims at enhancing Sino foreign youth exchanges, deepening secondary school students’ understanding of and personal experience with Chinese language and culture, and stimulating their passion for learning Chinese.


Chinese Bridge Summer Camp for Secondary School Students provides students with Chinese language, culture classes (such as paper cutting, calligraphy, ink and wash painting, tea ceremony, and martial arts), rich and varied activities (get together with Chinese students, home-stay experiences, etc.) and cultural experiencing activities.

Application Requirements

Regular public or private secondary school students, meeting the following criteria:

    1. Is a citizen of his or her country of residence.
    2. Possesses a basic level of Chinese (The length of time learning Chinese does not exceed 3 years).
    3. Between the ages of 14 to 18.
    4. Healthy, able to travel internationally.

Accompanying teachers must meet the following criteria:

    1. Have secondary school teaching experience, preferably a Chinese language teacher.
    2. Rich experience in supervising students.
    3. Understand about China.
    4. Approachable and have a sense of responsibility, cooperative and assisting in the management of and communication with the campers, can better handle the crisis.
    5. In a healthy condition, able to travel internationally.
    6. 50 years of age or younger.

Application and Selection

Other Countries: Apply through the local consulate or the Confucius Institute.

Applicants should submit the personal application form with the personal application letter, school or teacher recommendation letter, resume and other relevant documents to the Confucius Institute or theConsulate/Embassy. They will administer the preliminary selection according to the submitted documents, confirm qualified candidates, and submit candidates’information to the Hanban for review. Hanban will notify the Confucius Institute or the Consulate of the selection results.


Students must pay for their own international airfare and visa and must buy international medical insurance. Hanban is responsible for covering the costs of students and accompanying teachers’ food and lodging, transportation, and group activities while in China.