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The 2nd Chinese-Bridge Chinese Show for Malaysian Primary School Students

April 15, 2022 @ 8:00 am - June 11, 2022 @ 5:00 pm

Notice of the 2nd Chinese-Bridge Chinese Show for Malaysian Primary School Students

To provide a stage for Malaysian primary school students who learn Chinese to
demonstrate their Chinese language proficiency, stimulate their interest in learning
Chinese, and lay a good foundation for continuous Chinese learning, the Embassy of
People’s Republic of China and Kong Zi Institute university Malaya is going to hold
the 2nd Chinese-Bridge Chinese Show for Malaysian Primary School Students on
11th June 2022.

1. Theme:Chinese, Joy & Fun!
2. Date:11th June(Sat)
3. Platform:Zoom, Facebook

4. Participant:Primary School Students age between 7 to 13 years old.
non -Chinese nationality (not from China), growing up abroad, themselves and
their parents, whose mother tongue is not Chinese/Mandarin
Non-Malaysian students are also welcomed to join.
The two winners recommended to participate in the global finals last year cannot
participate in the competition this year.

5. Competition Content
1) Chinese Language Proficiency
Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills will be assessed:
⬧ Fun Quiz about Chinese Language Online(30min)
⬧ Speech/Story telling:Chinese, Joy & Fun! (1-2min)
⬧ Q&A of Speech/Storytelling(3-5min)
✓ Q&A part is related to the speech and story contents.
2) Chinese cultural skills – Talent show (3-5 min)
Chinese songs and dances, traditional instrumental music, calligraphy,
painting, martial arts, etc. (for reference). Creative talent shows would gain
more marks in this part.

6. Competition Form
After the contestants sign up and submit their speech/storytelling and talent show
videos, the Kong Zi Institute University Malaya will conduct a preliminary selection,
and the contestants who pass the preliminary selection will enter the finals of the
Malaysian competition. The final competition is scheduled to be held online on June
11th, 2022(Saturday), and two winners will be recommended to participate in the

global finals. The champion and runners-up of the Malaysian finals will participate in
the online global finals (August-September 2022). The winners will be awarded the
titles of “Little Chinese Messenger” and “Chinese Language Future Star” according to
the awards, and a Chinese voice interaction panda toy will be given etc.

7. Registration
Date:from today until 29th May 2022
1) Please fill up the registration form online:
2) Sign and submit the Commitment Letter for the competition;
3) Send your speech/storytelling and talent show videos to (or share via
Google drive):kongzium.cbprimary@gmail.com
(Please shoot the video Horizontally and clearly, definition not below1280*720,
in MP4 format, the size should be within 100Mb)

8. Important Dates
➢ From today until May 29, 2022 (Sunday), registration and submission of
relevant videos.
➢ June 3, 2022 (Friday),notify the contestants who passed the preliminary
➢ June 10, 2022 (Friday) ,Test run and draw the number to decide the
sequence of contestants.
➢ June 11, 2022 (Saturday),the final competition:
◼ 08:30-08:50 Equipment checking
◼ 09:00-9:30 Opening Speech by Guests of Honour
◼ 9:30-10:00 Fun Quiz about Chinese Language Online(Zoom)
◼ 10:00-12:00 Speech/Story telling: Chinese, Joy & Fun! (Zoom)
◼ 14:00-16:00 Talent show(recorded video)(Zoom)

◼ 16:30- 17:00 Announce the results
* Actual time may vary depending on the actual flow of the final competition.

9. Awards
Champion X1 RM500
1st Runner-up X1 RM350
2nd Runner-up X1 RM200
Consolation Prize X7 RM100
Participation Prize(several) RM50

Guiding Teacher of the Champion: RM300
Guiding Teacher of the First Runner-up: RM300

Note: If the champion and runner-up guiding teachers are the same person, the
guiding teachers award will be counted as one person.

For any inquiries, please contact:
WhatsApp(office hour):
Mrs Wang: +60 18 204 1994;Mrs Afifah: +60 18-760 4393

Kong Zi Institute University Malaya reserves all the right of final interpretation of the above-mentioned plan.




Total score: 100 points
1. Fun Quiz about Chinese Language Online (20 points)

2. Chinese speech/storytelling and question answering (50 points)
Chinese speech- 25 points, including:
Speech content: 10 points.
The content of the speech is closely related to the theme of this competition,
with positive thinking and full of real feelings.
Language accuracy: 10 points.
Standard language, clear speaking, standard Mandarin.
➢ Language fluency: 5 points. Express fluently and passionately.
Question answer: 25 points.
Clear thinking logic; adaptability and comprehensive quality evaluation.

3. Talent Show (30 points)
Performance content: 10 points.
The theme of the program is clear, and the intention is outstanding.
Professional skills: 10 points.
Performer’s appeal: 10 points


April 15, 2022 @ 8:00 am
June 11, 2022 @ 5:00 pm

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