Chinese Culture Class

Tai Chi

Tai chi is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training, its health benefits and meditation. De-stress and relax with a series of slow, controlled moves and poses. You’ll get stronger, more coordinated, balanced, more flexible, and walk away with more energy. Our Tai-chi class is taught by master with fully teaching experience.

Wei Qi

Weiqi or Go is very popular in Asia, where it is played by millions of people. Weiqi is well known for its depth of strategy despite its simple rules. Compared to many other games like chess, the object is to create rather than to destroy, to develop rather than to diminish.

The concept of balance is essential in Weiqi strategy and a skillful Weiqi player must balance many different strategic needs. Weiqi activates both the creative and logical parts of the brain and allows players to strengthen connections between the two. Weiqi is an excellent game for exercising different parts of the brain. It’s an ideal hobby for brain training.
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Chinese Ink Painting

This course is for art lovers everywhere. All levels from beginner and upwards are welcome. The class is taught by a highly qualified and experienced teacher who has qualified in the field of Art in both China & Ireland can cater for all types of groups.

The class will aim to teach you in the following areas:
1) Basic techniques of Chinese ink painting
2) How to handle and develop your skills while using Chinese ink
3) How to introduce colour into your paintings
4) Learn and understand about the materials used in Chinese ink painting
5) How to execute the perfect brush strokes
6) Improve your drawing technique and styles while using Chinese ink

In addition to joining the course you will also have some fun and make some new friends along the way and learn Chinese and Chinese culture.

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