In order to protect our young generation in the pandemic, Kongzi Institute have PAUSED the Courses for Kids & Teens until further notice. 

Courses for Kids &Teens is designed primarily for children aged 5 to 16 years old. We nurture confident, avid young learners of Chinese language and culture. We engage our students with a stimulating learning environment, and empower them with skills and techniques needed to excel academically. We believe that by fostering an extensive understanding of the Chinese language and culture, we transform them into bicultural, future-ready students who espouse good moral values and an enduring interest in the language and culture.

  • ​Classes are conducted in a fun-filled atmosphere with activities, games and learning tools appropriate for the student’s ages
  • Follow an age-related, customized curriculum
  • Instructors have experience teaching kids & teens and are well aware of the specifics of student’s cognitive development at the various ages.