Location of our test center

Blok E, Bangunan Pasca Siswazah, Universiti Malaya, Lembah Pantai Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50603

Photo required for HSKK and HSK4, HSK5, HSK6

A digital photo (2 inch, less than 120KB) should be uploaded online. If you could not upload your digital photo online successfully, bring your photo(2pcs) on the test date!!!

Materials you need to bring on the test date

Your passport/ID, 2B Pencils, Eraser and your Admission Ticket (if you got it before the test)

Your Certificate

Certificate will be sent from Beijing in 45-60 days after the test date. Please come to our institute to collect with your IC passport or admission ticket.

Please contact us before you come to our office via email kzchinesetest@gmail.com