General Information

KZIUM library has a total collection of more than 3000 books comprising of classic and contemporary Chinese literatures, Chinese history and culture, translation of Chinese author, films and documentation of DVD, CD and material of teaching Chinese as a foreign language.

  • Procedure to Borrow Library Books
  1. Register as our library members by filling the registration format the office.
  2. Apply borrowing cards after registration.
  3. Pay a deposit of RM50.00 This deposit shall be returned once you exit/quit as member
  4. Lost card can be reissued.
  5. Loan durations for 30days.
  6. Penalty of RM 0.50/day will be imposed for books not returned on due date.
  7. Renewal of loan can be made if the book is not booked by another borrower, All details such the name of the book, ID must be clearly submitted or emails to
  8. Borrowers are held responsible all books borrowed under his/her name for loss or damage. Borrowers will be invoiced for the cost of replacement or repairs.
  9. All books categorized under ‘Reference’ cannot be loaned.
  10. The opening hour is from 1.00 pm to 500 pm on weekdays.