1st China Film Festival

The 2012 China Film Festival will be organised by the Kong Zi Institute for The Teaching of Chinese Language from 23rd, 24th, 29th – 31st Oct 2012 in University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. Location Map

Ocean Heaven
Screening Date 23 October 2012
6PM – 8PM / 8PM – 10PM

Wang Xincheng, an ordinary staff member in the Ocean Park, led a poor life along with his autistic son Dafu. on hearing his incurable disease, Wang did all he could to make future arrangement for Dafu in his last few months, including taking Dafu to jump into the sea….Dafu felt at ease in water. He stayed in the Ocean Park after Wang’s death. In Dafu’s mind, his dad never left him but turned into a sea turtle and accompanied him all the time. That’s the paradise of his father’s love.

Lost on Journey
Screening Date 24 October 2012
6PM – 8PM / 8PM – 10PM

The Spring Festival was approaching. Li Chenggong, the boss of a toy group, planned to return to Changsha to celebrate the lunar New Year and the divorce his wife after the festival. After running into Niu Geng, a milkman who was going to Changsha to ask for the payment of debt at the airport, Li Chenggong met Niu Geng again and again. The constant awkward situations threw Li Chenggong into a panic, but Niu Geng was always optimistic and active. Finally Niu Geng ‘s sincerity changed Li Chenggong’s indifferent character and aroused his real feelings. When returning home, Li Chenggong, who was very tired after a long journey, finally understood what decision he should make sfter seeing his happy and harmonious family members.

Forever Enthralled
Screening Date 29 October 2012
6PM – 8PM / 8PM – 10PM

Born to a family of well-known Peking Opera singers in Beijing in 1894, Mei Lanfang showed a precocious gift for the art. Of the many people in his life dedicated to Pecking Opera, some were loving and supportive elders and passionate fans; some were friends who supported him but also used him. He had s wife who stood by him through happiness and hardship, and a confidante who shared his artistic vision. Mei Lanfang not only changed traditional prejudices towards actors, but also took Pecking Opera onto the world stage. More importantly, the spirit of Pecking Opera was enhanced because of the dignity he displayed during the Japanese occupation of China.

A Simple Life
Screening Date 30 October 2012
6PM – 8PM / 8PM – 10PM

Director Ann Hui’s A Simple Life, a deceptively simple film, gingerly peels layer after layer of sharp insights into the dynamics of familial love, using compassion and droll humor as its tools. Its strength is that it manages to tap genuine emotion without succumbing to sentimentality. A closely observed character study about the low- key but powerful affection between an aged housekeeper and the middle-age man she helped raise from infancy, inspired by a true story of the producer, Roger, and his servant, the film tells about a heartwarming relationship between a young master of a big family, Roger (Andy Lau) and the servant of the family who raised him, Sister Tao( Deanie lp).

The Founding of a Republic
Screening Date 31 October 2012
6PM – 8PM / 8PM – 10PM

The story happened in the 1940’s, after World War II, while the future of war-torn China was undetermined. It represented the major historical event: the founding of the New China’s system of multiparty cooperation and political consultation. For the sake of democracy and people’s interests, the Communist Party of China and other Chinese democratic parties untied together to struggle against KMT’s dictatorship and went through all kinds of hardships to obtain the last victory.